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20 definitions by TheBald

Another way of saying you have the place to yourself.
Guy 1: What you doing tonight man?

Guy 2: Well, girlfriend is busy and my parents went away for the weekend.

Guy 1: Nice. So porn with the sound on?

Guy 2: Porn with the sound on.
by TheBald January 06, 2011
A phenomenon which makes people think you wear a particular item of clothing all the time because you are tagged wearing it a lot.

This is even if the photos were from several separate nights which were months apart but they were the only photos you were tagged in.
I was going to wear that black t-shirt tonight, but i'm wearing it in my recent Facebook photos, so it's a bit Facebook-worn.
by TheBald April 06, 2010
Derived from the term Grand Slam, which involves one team of the 6 nations defeating all others in the competition in one year.

The Scottish Grand Slam involves Scotland defeating England, because this is the only game that truly matters to Scottish fans.
"It's a shame Scotland lost to France, but we're still hopeful of a Scottish Grand Slam."
by TheBald March 22, 2010
A person which after watching an event on the Olympics for a short time, somehow becomes an immediate expert. Found particularly in sports where a score is given by a panel of true experts, such as gymnastics.

Often heard tutting after a slight error from the athlete.
Nolympic Expert: "Oh... he didn't quite land that double axel with half twist, that'll be a half-point off..."

*shakes head during replay*
by TheBald March 01, 2010
A typo made during a flirty online conversation which momentarily dampens the spirit of the moment beyond repair.
Girl: Hahah yeh lol

Boy: So this summer you'll rub lotion on my back by the poo?

Boy: *pool

Girl: Er yeh, sure..

(Boy: 'Shit that was a real flirt dampener')
by TheBald July 20, 2010
An unspecified period of time in which a person is forced to go for as long as possible eating only peanut butter sandwiches. Typically found with students and low-paid workers when finances are low.

Also known as 'Pasta Challenge'
'Hey man, wanna' go out and grab a pizza tonight?'

'Can't mate, I'm on the peanut butter challenge...'
by TheBald April 09, 2010
The method of telling how much of a girl's bust is made up of fat, by looking at the amount of fat stored in the tricep region.

Scientifically the most accurate method known to the common man. Devised by TheBald.
Guy 1: Mate did you see Steven's new girlfriend? Great set on her.

Guy 2: Check out the Tricep:Boob ratio, it's only because she's chubby.
by TheBald November 18, 2010