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The closest thing to instant messaging in Harry Potter.
"Harry, did you get my message, i sent it by Owl like an hour ago"
by The dude who mooed March 01, 2009
A form of being a gay failure.
- "Dude look at how gay that guy is"

- "At least he isn't The Jonas Brothers"
by The dude who mooed March 01, 2009
A process of sending mail in Scandinavia. You must insert your mail and a payment of 10 acorns into the hatch in the rear of a donkey and pray the donkey does not get lost on the way to its destination.
- "I've paid my morgage 5 times this month but it always gets lost in the mail."

- "Have you sent it by Scandinavian Hatchback?"

- "That's exactly why it got lost."
by The dude who mooed February 22, 2009
A term that is used to describe an object that is groovy,cool,awesome,psychedelic, or to describe your mood after you have taken the drug acid.

"Dude that acid was tottaly acidic!"
by The dude who mooed March 20, 2009
A term used by gay people for a small amount of something.
"Are you gay?"

-"A tidbit"
by The dude who mooed March 01, 2009

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