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2 definitions by The creeper

Very pretty but will be very well known to be a slut. Has alot of friends but none really like her. Guys who hang with these girls are at least 4+ years older then the age of the girl.

You will find these girls to be loud, obnoxious and very self centered.
Colchester girl

"Hey girl did you go to that college party last night?"

"OMG yes i got so wasted!

OMG me to!
by The creeper October 22, 2012
Word used to express pleasure or agreement. Synonym of words/phrases (when used in correct context) as "sweet"; "cool"; "nice"; "awesome"; and some times "hell yes".
Example for "sweet", "cool", etc..
Girlfriend - "I'm really horny"
Boyfriend - "Snoogans"

Example for "hell yes"...
Girlfriend - "Want to have sex?"
Boyfriiend - "Snoogans"
by The Creeper August 28, 2005