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Shitty joke, but it can be funny at times.
It smells like up dog in here,

What's up dog?

Nuuthin dog, what's up with you?
by Mos Def And Kweli are Blackstar February 27, 2005
undefinable, as it is only part of a joke
"Man, what did you do in here?... It smells like updog..."

"What's updog?"

"I don't know, Dawg, what's up wit you?"
by Thunder Dan May 26, 2004
An accounting joke used to pass the time. Interns and non-native US citizens most at risk to fall for this term.
I hate it when the up-dog appears in our workpapers.

Intern: What is up-dog?

Laughter follows.
by Josh Wo January 18, 2005
used for a joke when people are bored.
Tony:"geez roxy, you look like updog"
Roxy:"What the fuck is updog?"
Tony:"not much dog, whats up with you?"
#updog #joke #up #dog #whats up
by MRS.ACKLES April 09, 2008
Updog is part of a joke. Pretty easy to get. Hilarious if person does't get it.
Bob: Hey you smell like updog.
Victim What's updog?
Bob: Oh nothing much.
Victim: What's up dog?
Bob: I told ya, nothin' much.
Victim: WHAT'S UP DO- OH I get it now......
#updog #jokes #what's #you #smell #like #lol
by I smell like updog. August 12, 2011
to this word - always reply what's "updog"
just do it.
it will save you a rapid series of events that will result in you feeling dumb.
person: "updog"
you: "whats updog?"

can't fool you now
#updog #joke #dummy #bestie #up dog
by schmourt January 29, 2012
an intro to a corny joke
"It smells like updog in here!"
oblvious man
"whats up dog?"
by hairy chonch May 01, 2003
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