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In terms of the marketing crap that is called "the console wars" or the "next generation wars" in video game consoles, it is someone that puts down, denies, refutes, and ignores a system solely if the console does not have the graphic and processing power as the other competition.

See: fanboy for other details.
Boy1: "Omg, the Nintendo Wii is so freaking awesome."
Boy2: "It is just the gamecube with a new remote. It is so gimicky. It can't even go beyond 480i!"
Boy1: "You're just a graphics whore."
The term that guys use when talking about cosplaying certain anime, video game, or movie characters that have a really heavy fangirl base just to pick up said fangirls at conventions.
"Hey Joe, have you decided what character you wanted to go as?"
"Yeah, I think I am going as Sesshomaru from Inuyasha. I'll definately get some action!"
"So...you're essentially going as fangirl fodder?"
Any art form that has characterastics (such as large round eyes, or visual appearences of mood such as a sweatdrop) of things typically found in anime (or manga).
"This drawing is pretty good."

"Yeah, I like the animesque feeling to it."
Someone that worships a person beyond normal means. Immortialized by the Galvin Chow, the webmaster of kindofcrap.com, when he used the word to describe his fans. Has been generally used about people that worship online 'stars'.
"Oh my god, that was awesome!"


"That youtube video where the guy played the piano blindfolded!"

"Wow, don't become a fuckbot now...."
A slang term for a group of buddies heading over to the house of one of their buddies to play the Nintendo Wii.
"Dude, what should we do today?"

"I think we should be Wiiing it up at Jeff's."
Someone in an online game or video game that likes hoarding items for either selling those items later or to prevent other people from obtaining them.
"Wow, what's all these digging holes in your town?"

"Oh, I have burried a lot of items that I didn't have room for in my house outside."

"You're such an item whore."
The tildle or ~ represents a word that can be put infront of whore.

The (insert word here) whore represents several meanings. It generally means:
1) The word in front of the word whore singifies that the person or thing being described is someone/something that is addicted to word in front of the word whore.
2)Refers to someone that is obsessive/abusive over the said word in front of the word whore

1)I wish she would listen to me and stop being an EverQuest~whore.

2)I really wish that Jane would stop being an hair products~whore and using all the hairgel up.

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