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A backslider is someone who has no honor, someone who is full of deception. A liar and thief who always taketh and never giveth.
Bare your windows and lock your doors, beware the backslider roams the moors.
by The San Diego Kid April 18, 2005
Noun. A collection of four close friends or relatives that have formed a bond or covenant. This is one step up from the Triforce. This group must be sanctioned by Damage, Inc. before it can publicly operate under the title "parrallelofellowship."
Shaq, Kobe, Gary, and Karl formed the parrallelofellowship that brought by far the most unrest to the city of Los Angeles.

Some critics claim Zack, Todd, Gene and Noah could form this country's next, great parrallelofellowship.
by The San Diego Kid April 19, 2005
A mythical character whose attitude and demeanour shift with his surroundings. After heavy alcohol and painkiller consumption he often will reveal his true form and may God have mercy on all those who witness it.
Lock up your women and hide your children, the Bearmeleon hunts by nightfall.
by The San Diego Kid April 20, 2005
Noun. Your friend, compadre, or partner in crime. Can be used as a synonym for "bro, dude, homey" etc.
You buy that super trainwreck, brolo?

Want to go see Sin City, brolo?

I'll take this b-rip and we can toss the disc, okay brolo?
by The San Diego Kid April 19, 2005
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