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4 definitions by The Man!

Cum Dumpster License
Kelly studied very hard for her CDL... even though she had one all along
by The man! April 27, 2012
5 1
something so ridiclous that a real world doesnt do it justice.
They want me to come in on sunday and work on the TPS reports thats fuckin recockulatory!
by the man! September 03, 2003
7 5
1)fucking pwns all!
2)girl who drinks way too much
1)Rachel r0x0rz mah world!
2)Goddamn check out that rachel at the bar!CHUG CHUG CHUG!
by THE MAN! March 26, 2003
33 79
nailing someone with a ball
aw man you were just pegging him with that dodgeball
by The Man! September 09, 2005
153 420