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A drink. Prepared by taking a freshly opened bottle of champagne and having a woman slid the top of the bottle in and out of her vagina before pouring it into glasses to serve. There are both white and red Champons, depending on the time of the month for the woman servicing the bottles.
We toasted the New Year with Champons prepared by our hostess.
by The Krenzman August 03, 2010
An act of introduction. In a social setting, when a person attempts to initiate communication with another by quickly sliding their hand down the back of another's pants and inserting their finger in the anus of the person with which they wish to communicate. This normally provides instant feedback concerning the moral flexibility of the new acquaintance.
His plans for a wild night vanished when she responded to his Brown Dragon with a stiff slap.
by The Krenzman August 03, 2010

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