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4 definitions by The Killer Squirrel

One of the foulest odors known to man. Occasionally known to be lethal. As many other poisonous creatures, dogs are also immune to their own toxic odor. And typically are unaware of releasing said toxin. As it makes no audible sound upon its release.
Guy 1: Dude! That was one nasty dog fart!

Guy 2: We better get out of here.
by The Killer Squirrel June 24, 2009
79 14
A romantic relationship which is either initially or only conducted via the internet. Considered a taboo by most people of the Baby Boomer generation as they blindly follow every word of the media. Despite this biased way of thinking, it is gaining large acceptance in today's culture. Particularly in the form of online dating services. Baby Boomers seem to think that all people that a person can meet online are rapists and other pedophiles and therefore do not approve of e-romance, despite all the evidence to the contrary.
Normal Person: I'm in love with a girl I met online.
Baby Boomer Parent: No! You see, that's a just some fifty-year old child molester.
Normal Person: There is nothing wrong with e-romance.
Baby Boomer Parent: Yes there is! I will not allow this! You will stop liking this person right now!
Normal Person: I'm moving out when I'm eighteen.
by The Killer Squirrel June 22, 2009
35 9
Nature's pillows.
Girl: We need new pillows.
Guy: Why? What's wrong with your boobs?
by The Killer Squirrel September 01, 2010
18 8
1) An expletive denoting the absurdity of the situation.

2) A term applied when something of little importance is valued more than it should be.
1) John: What in the name my saggy left nut do you think you are doing?

2) Jack: This is really important! We need to fix this now.
Jane: Yes, or else you will certainly lose your saggy left nut.
by The Killer Squirrel August 24, 2010
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