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6 definitions by The Cluh

Being up really late while working on something creative-- whether it be music, art, etc.
My awesomnia had me up 'till eight this morning working on a track-- it came out dope!
by The Cluh July 23, 2009
6 3
Extreme blatant rudeness.
This girl told me not to BS her about meeting her at a club, then she goes and Tweets about how she's with some other dude at a club down the street from the one I was at... how rudical is that!?
by The Cluh July 13, 2009
3 2
A shop or goods sold by a swaggerdasher.
I went to that new swaggerdashery that just opened up in the mall. They had an ill grand opening sale; 30-50% off errything.
by The Cluh August 15, 2010
1 1
Relating to sexual responsibility.
"Man, you know she gets around; practice dickapline and at least use some rubbers."
by The Cluh August 09, 2009
1 1
A company or person whom sells or makes dope clothing/accessories. Combination of the words "swagger" and "haberdasher."
Have you seen those custom belts Judy makes? Her swaggerdasher game is on point!
by The Cluh August 15, 2010
0 1
Lacking originality; especially with clothing/apparel. In reference to the same outfit the character Doug Funnie from the 1990's cartoon, Doug, wore throughout the original series.
Have you seen Barbra's closet? All she wears is the same shit, it's straight Doug Funnie in there.
by The Cluh August 15, 2010
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