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Being unable to sleep due to the sheer Awesomeness of an experience or event etc
"Man, after that amazing film I had awesomnia for a like, a week!"
by Kdapro December 10, 2009
The awesome stuff you manage to find on the internets when insomnia kicks in.
Billy: I was really bored and couldn't sleep last night, then I found this cool article about these sixth graders getting it on during class.

Johnny: Hey cool, that's some awesomnia to add to the books!
by IndigoSyncrasy October 19, 2008
Being up really late while working on something creative-- whether it be music, art, etc.
My awesomnia had me up 'till eight this morning working on a track-- it came out dope!
by The Cluh July 23, 2009
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