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The belief that you know more about science than an actual scientist.
I think creationism is a fact and evolution is JUST A THEORY. Kind of like how the Sears tower is JUST a little bigger than a phone booth.
by The Bad Guy February 03, 2007
The best cure for insomnia.
Can't sleep? Go to church.
by The Bad Guy February 04, 2007
A person who thinks he/she knows more about science than an actual scientist.
I'm a good little God-fearing creationist and I believe evolution is a lie. I'm going to get in my CAR, go to the grocery store and buy FROZEN FOOD, go buy MEDICINE for my sick wife, go fill up my car with GASOLINE, go pay my ELECTRICITY and HEATING bill, and then I'll go home to my COMPUTER and complain on the INTERNET to the world about HOW EVIL SCIENCE IS!
by The Bad Guy February 03, 2007
Ironically one of the most soulless genres of music ever.
Person 1: Hey, you should listen to the new CD I just bought.
Person 2: Really? I'm hoping it will be original. What are the songs about? Are they about real-world issues and humanity's relationship with one another or something creative in that manner?
Person 1: No, they're about Jesus. 54 minutes and 17 seconds of JESUS. It's Christian rock.
Person 2: ...
by The Bad Guy February 03, 2007
Currently the #1 reason why eugenics must be implemented as soon as possible. If you don't know what eugenics is, look it up.
The last thing we need is dumb wiggers like kevin federline breeding with dumb bitches like britney spears. Sterilize these fuckers already.
by The Bad Guy February 24, 2007
A fictional book that many Christian fundamentalists have tried to disprove despite the fact that it is a FICTIONAL BOOK.
Christians are so paranoid about The Da Vinci Code.
by The Bad Guy February 24, 2007
The most accurate depiction of the American lifestyle, which includes consuming, yelling, flashy lights, and idolizing overpaid mongoloids who contribute nothing to society. All while ignoring important issues in the world around them.

The event lasts approximately 17 hours: 14 of which is devoted to advertising products that nobody needs, and the rest is allotted for performances by bland, overhyped pop stars with next to no talent.

There is no actual game played during this event. You see athletes performing tasks such as running, but only about every 5 minutes and it's only for about 4 seconds at a time, then they stop what they are doing and go to commercial.

The truth is that nobody really likes the super bowl. The only reason one would watch this event is because everyone else is watching it, and humans have this psychological need for group solidarity, no matter what bland, inane activity that group happens to be devoted to.

Watching the super bowl (or any sporting event) is like going to church: it's boring, it's repetitive, you can't distinguish one session from another, you don't really know why you're there, and you get nothing out of it in the end. You only do it because you feel as though you are supposed to.
Jackass: Hey, you gonna watch the super bowl this weekend?
Me: No, I'd rather do something fun or interesting.
by The Bad Guy February 04, 2007

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