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The average penis length is likely between 5" and 5.75" based on all genuine, unbias scientific studies. Even given this fact you can still ask most men their penis length and will always get an answer of 6" to 10", mostly around 7" to 8". The length of the pensis is measured from the top of the head to the point where the penis joins the body (without pressing in to the bone), along the top. Penis lengthening is only possible by means of surgical enchancement which prevents normal erectile functions - such surgery is only performed on mico-penises.
Most males do not know the average penis length, instead they choose to believe the media which dictates that penesis of 8" and upward are more desirable to women.
by The Asshatter December 17, 2006
When a penis shrinks due tobeing exposed to cold weather. The pensis can become very small in comparison to normal, room temperature size. Highly unpleasent sight for an male.
I got in from the cold, went to the toilet, and when I unzipped I saw the shrinkage on my penis.
by The Asshatter December 17, 2006
A woman who makes an especially loud and high pitched noise when she orgasms.
I never expected her to be a squeeler, she just went crazy.
by The Asshatter December 17, 2006
Unusually large fecal matter, often deposited in the toilet causing blockage.
Ahh, that was a big job, had to flush it three times.
by The Asshatter December 17, 2006
Any cylindrical object, usually made of material, that looks as though a penis could fit snuggly inside.
What the hell is that, your willy warmer?
by The Asshatter December 17, 2006
Soon to be shut down for reasons including; potential paedophile grooming ground, mass copyright infringements, spreading the disease known as "emo" around the globe.
Damn those emo myspace fags.

I can't wait to sue myspace for allowing flagrant copyright infringement of my new (insert media type here) on their site. I might try and sue some random emo kids too, just because I hate them.
by The Asshatter December 17, 2006
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