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The average penis length is likely between 5" and 5.75" based on all genuine, unbias scientific studies. Even given this fact you can still ask most men their penis length and will always get an answer of 6" to 10", mostly around 7" to 8". The length of the pensis is measured from the top of the head to the point where the penis joins the body (without pressing in to the bone), along the top. Penis lengthening is only possible by means of surgical enchancement which prevents normal erectile functions - such surgery is only performed on mico-penises.
Most males do not know the average penis length, instead they choose to believe the media which dictates that penesis of 8" and upward are more desirable to women.
by The Asshatter December 17, 2006
Your dick should be 14in erect when your 17. Just like mine. If its not. Then you have got a problem.
The black dude from freaks of cock average penis length is 14 in."Its about to be Hiroshima up in here!" "Ohhh she know what shes doing" "Hey no more blue balls"
by I be dat dude December 04, 2009
Well the average penis length of a guy in England is 5.5 inches.
The average for a guy in america is 8 inches.
The average for a guy in China is 3.3 inches.
The longest penis length recorded in China is 5.5 inches.
Dude1: What is your average penis length?
Dude2: 7.5 inches
Dude1: Wow!
by FunkyChavv July 24, 2006
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