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a stuckup person who thinks they're the shit... very annoying and ingorant. usually popular and a guy (no offense dudes) and hot(sometimes). uh, i dont really like them.
Mr. Neuman
Mr. Tackett (he's not as bad)
by The "Fake" Lauren August 09, 2004
of course it means afraid of nakedness or a fear of it, use Greek roots and you get...
phobic-fear of
so there you have it, fear of nakedness
she was so gymnophobic that he never had a chance of getting sex with her.
by The "Fake" Lauren May 06, 2004
its on a car, in california, and will spread elsewhere. aka, a whistletip. they r cool and annoying and will b heard from miles away.
it kinda sounds like an alarm clock, dont it?
by The "Fake" Lauren March 27, 2004
about the next best thing to the toilet (which was invented by thomas crapper).
he used the internet to get pornography to masturbate from.
by The "Fake" Lauren August 10, 2004
1. when u play tag, the place you go to, so u dont get tagged
2. sex bases...
3. the things u tag when your playing like baseball or cricket so your not out
1. "your it"
"no, im was on base, DUH"
"yeah, after i tagged you"
2. after the first date, they were on second base
3. "he slid into third base in effort not to get out and to advance to home."
by The "Fake" Lauren August 10, 2004
1. a "play toy" that looks like a dick...
2. also, my friend's nickname
1. she used the dildo all night last night
2. "hey dildo, how r u today..."
by The "Fake" Lauren August 05, 2004
anal sex, doggie style
the had 26 last night cause they're gay
by The "Fake" Lauren August 09, 2004

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