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Margot Kidder in Superman 3.
Margot Kidder is a fucking booze-hound in Superman 3
by The Admiral July 08, 2003
To tell someone to be calm, or take it easy.
Don't hump the honda man, maybe you're mother likes it.
by The Admiral July 02, 2003
Short for name of band, They Might Be Giants.
Hey, it's the John's from They!
by The Admiral July 02, 2003
To curse a lesser person for getting in your way by doing some you hate or find stupid. Works on all kinds of machines and is very effective when smiting someone is totally called for.
"Machine curse on you!"
by The Admiral July 09, 2003
Group of individuals who are compensated under contract to use methods of persuation and "freedom fighting" tactics to further the clients cause.
Likes include cookies and shopping cart porn.

Dislikes include the French, Clear Channel and tapioca.
Those rotten Suburban Mercenaries have once again foiled our video rental ways with their mystery egg hunt.
by The Admiral July 02, 2003
A stuffed animal with a dildo attached to it. Used for intercourse or novelty.
I hope that girl from www.PrincessMonkey.com doesn't have any stuffies.

Jill fucks stuffies.
by The Admiral July 25, 2003
One who is mentally handicaped. WBLI Ingredient D
Gotards, gotards GO!!!
by The Admiral July 23, 2003
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