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OMFJ simply means Oh my Fucking Jelly, Stronger version of OMJ

Guy 1: look i drew all of this in 5 minutes only.
Guy 2: really? that's amazing, OMFJ! i envy you
#oh my fucking jelly #oh my jelly #omfj #omj #ah my jelly
by ThatPersonOverthere333-0 August 28, 2012
OMFG is a more dramatic version of OMG, (Oh my fuckin god) it can also refer to another meaning: Oh my forgiving god
Guy 1: hey dude have you seen my new car? it's fucking amazing
Guy 2: yes, OMFG that's one nice car indeed
#oh my fucking god #omfg #oh my forgiving god #oh dear #lol #what?
by ThatPersonOverthere333-0 August 26, 2012
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