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A Chat program where users can create products, and create rooms where others can hang out in.

most of imvu enjoys staying around "genres" vampires, furries, emo, scene and the like.

a popular and very frustrating roleplay that revolves almost every roleplay aspect of imvu is the kingdoms. kingdom rps take form in covens, family's, packs ect.

noobs have select rooms they all join into, all of which are un-moderated, making them prime to continue their antics, plus they are unable to create their own rooms, so pretty easy to avoid with that.

past the noob status there are worse things on the net, the annoying ones that cannot help but lie about how epic of a real life they have, it can be more annoying then having a noob constantly performing actions on your avatar.

past that more so are the ones who are incredibly stuck up to the point that makes you wish in every fiber in your being you could smash your fist into your computer into said persons face.

besides the nonsense, find the right people you enjoy being around, and imvu becomes very fun.
"example" imvu is based off instant messangers, expect it to run similar to this.
by ThatOneGuyWhoDidThatThing February 27, 2010

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