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Pleasure derived from listening to good music, particularly when a song suddenly transitions to an exciting upbeat section.
Just wait, you'll totally have an eargasm like 30 seconds into this song
by Than January 15, 2006
The man's version of HALO from back in the good old days before dual SMG's and cluttered maps ruined the game of the gods.
"Hey we're playing HALO tonight, you in?"

"HALO 1 or 2?"

"HALO 2"

"Sorry, I'm not a chick"
by Than January 15, 2006
A female who wears a mini-skirt with UGG boots; the term is a a combination of the words eskimo (referring to the boots) and ho (referring to a girl trashy enough to wear a short skirt with UGG boots).
If she wasn't wearing such a short skirt, she wouldn't be such an eska-ho.
by Than January 16, 2006
Someone who frequently changes his or her profile picture on Facebook
John is such a facebook chamelion, it always throws me off when he writes on my wall 'cause it changes all the fucking time!
by Than May 28, 2007
1. To execute an agile maneuver or fake to pass by an opponent in a gentlemanly contest of sports, such as soccer, lacrosse, ice hockey, or basketball.

2. To convincingly defeat an opponent in a gentlemanly contest of sports, either through a solid margin of victory or by a clear demonstration of superior athletic prowess.
1. "Did you see Chris just dangle on that defender?"
"Yeah brah, what a sick fake!"

2. "Shit dude, you guys beat them 6 nothing?!"
"Yeah man, we dangled on those bitches."
by Than May 28, 2007
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