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A girl who prevents her friend or friends from getting laid; the female version of a cock block
caitlin is a major twat swatter tonight
by Thaddeus buttshaft July 15, 2011
name given to ones girlfriend after she spends a week at religious camp and comes back "changed"(no more sexy time").
we have an hour before O'religious one gets home
by Thaddeus buttshaft July 10, 2011
a small room where individuals participate in the ritual of hardcore sex with a partner of opposite sex
got your fuck hut set up down there
by Thaddeus buttshaft July 10, 2011
for one to get ready to receive anal sex from a partner of the same or different sex or species.
get ready to rear it up to that dog hoe
by Thaddeus buttshaft July 08, 2011
when a black hoe sucks yo dick and makes it all bloody and fleshy
damn that black n' decker pecker wrecker put me in the hospital
by Thaddeus buttshaft July 08, 2011
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