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Big ass bottles of liquor sold at Canadian liquor stores. Comes in CC Rye, Bacardi Rum, Crown Royal and Absolut Vodka. $100 for 3 Litres (almost a gallon)
joe: whadya wanna do tonite?
bob: lets get a texas mickey and some hoes
joe: dude i'm sick of your mom
by ThaOriginal January 25, 2005
middle class suburban white kids who think they're thugs, but who would get shot the fuck up in about 6 seconds in a real ghetto.
Vanilla Ice being hung from a balcony by suge knight
by ThaOriginal January 23, 2005
a bitch so nasty, it looks like someone lit her head on fire and put it out with a shovel
1. damn that is one nasty ass skag whore
2. That fukn skag whore grabbed my balls
by ThaOriginal January 24, 2005
being well versed in the ways of kick-assedness
-damn, you finished the bottle already?
-no doubt
-fukn art of schulz
by thaoriginal March 18, 2005
1. Overinflated
2. someone with a really fucking big head
what the hell is bulbis doing here?
by ThaOriginal January 24, 2005
When someone is passed out on their back, drop your pants and crouch over them facing their feet with your ass about half a foot above their head. Punch them in their stomach so their head flies up into your ass crack
Yo bulbis is passed out, let's give him an olympic sit-up
by ThaOriginal January 25, 2005
after a blow job and spewing on her face, slap her with a five dollar bill so it sticks
If she is a skag whore you can ask for change
by ThaOriginal January 24, 2005

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