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1;To buckle under pressure when needed most.
2;A liquored up kicker who has missed every clutch kick he has ever attemted.
Mike couldn't handle the pressure of a deadline and his company lost money,what a vanderjagt.
by Tha Grunks January 24, 2006
A man that has a penis,for whatever reason, sits when they take a leak.

Rich says he finds it more relaxing to sit when he pee's. Rich is a piss queer.
Even transvestites stand when they piss.
by Tha Grunks January 19, 2006
1;Someone who's obviously strung out on crack.
2;Scrackley people have eyes bulging out,hair a mess,bad hygene,the look of a crackhead that doesn't care anymore.
3;acting desperate for crack.
She's scrackley looking.
Look at that scrackley mothafucker.
Watch your back around frank.He's been acting scrackley.
by Tha Grunks January 19, 2006
Slang for a big penis.
Yeah I'll give her the hurtzer.
She wanted to take the entire hurtzer,so i hurt her.
by Tha Grunks January 19, 2006

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