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10 definitions by TerraForce

N. A psychological quasi-condition in which the afflicted person becomes subject to the whims of a portion of popular culture, and bends his/her entire persona to conform to the norms dictated by the media moguls in charge of said trend.
While Cabel was once a pleasant, happy-go-lucky individual, he came down with lemming syndrome and felt a compulsion to act and dress like the "gangsta" rappers whose music he often listened to.
by TerraForce October 21, 2006
N. Describes the fairly common occurrence amongst literate types, in which two synonymous or near-synonymous words are spoken somewhat atop each other, resulting in the creation of such phrases as "dramastic", "grood," and "for suretain." While these phrases have been used intentionally, true thesauric collisions only result from accidental construction of such phrases.
While Leeroy was at the cocktail party, he accidentally subjected the words "sweet" and "nice" to a thesauric collision, and thus told the Swedish ambassador to the UN that his expensive new martini glass was "swice."
by TerraForce October 21, 2006
N. An occurrence in which one is essentially struck dumb by the revelation or comprehension of a previosuly-unknown fact. Misspelling of the common word "enlightening" is here intentional.
Generally used in the form "struck by enlightning."
See Also: TMI
Hearing that the world was not, in fact, flat, proved enlightning to Elena's delicate mind.


When Roy found out that his best friend from youth, who he'd always trusted, had been spying on him in the locker room due to being secretly gay, he was struck by enlightning and had no idea what to do.
by TerraForce October 21, 2006
A phrase which denotes an unfortunate occurrence, about which little can be done or which has no simple remedy.
"Someone just dropped my wallet into the sewer main!"
"Bummer City, Batman."
by TerraForce September 19, 2006
N. Addition of redundant definitions to UrbanDictionary.com for popular terms that already have many other, superior definitions available. Generally performed in an effort to boost the submitter's ego or to appear witty, slangspam generally backfires due to the low quality of most duplicate entries.
Though "cowbell" was already suitably defined several times, Maxwell decided that his definition, being "a bell that you hang from a cow lol," was superior, and as such he engaged in an act of slangspam by submitting it to UD.
It was later shot down by editors.
by TerraForce October 21, 2006
N. A title used to describe a person whose knowledge of a subject is scant, minimal, or nonexistent, but who boldly proclaims (lack of knowledge to the contrary) to be an expert on said subject.
Derived from "fragmented" and "commentator."
When the techs at Lawrence Livermore started talking to Fred about their work in quantum physics, Fred's inane babble about "subatomictoasticles" revealed to them that he was, in fact, a fragmentator on the subject.
by TerraForce October 21, 2006
N. Describes a player of first-person-shooter games, usually of the online persuasion, who refrains from chatting with other players and tends to display rather sneaky (but skilled) tactics in eliminating the other players.
Antonymical to fragwhiner.
While on Halo 2's online modes, Jake tended to be a silent sniper: other players would be chatting it up, only to be surprised whilst typing by virtual bullets through their characters' heads from Jake's trusty sniper rifle.
by TerraForce October 21, 2006