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The amount of octane in your cock.
Girl 1: I hear Jim is shit in bed!
Girl 2: Yeah, it's because he uses low cocktane.
by TeraByte911 April 01, 2009

The act of tampering with the odometer of a vehicle to make it appear that the vehicle has not travelled as far as it really has. This tactic is often employed to sell a vehicle for more than it is actually worth.
Dan bought his car from a shonky dealer. I told him that the car had probably been clocked, but he had no idea what clocking was. He's fucked if the rego inspector picks up on it.
by TeraByte911 December 03, 2008

A contraction of the words 'fucking ridiculous'. Often used when just 'ridiculous' simply isn't enough and injecting a swearword somewhere is required to convey the message properly.
Me: There is a fuckdiculous amount of people here tonight.
Friend: Too fucking right.
by TeraByte911 September 12, 2008

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