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CS leet talk language of laughting
omg you see that shot? it was so roflghetti with hahasauce on top
by tempest April 20, 2005
CS talk for laughing
omg that was hilarious! it was so roflghetti with hahasauce on top
by tempest April 24, 2005
An individual who uses stealth and concealment to his advantage. A well educated thief can use these tactics to gain entry to nearly anything with the help of a collection of specific tools designed for the art of theft. There happen to be many forms of thievry which include brute strength and an example of this is a thief bashing a careless bystander in the head, rendering him unconcious. Another form requires tactics and intelligence, the professional thief. The professional thief is hard to come by since most do not make it to this stage. Alot of thieves end up being caught in the act, arrested and fined or imprisioned. Sometimes though, a thief excels in the art, using a combination of many forms of tactical stealth, becoming a skilled artisan of the art.
Pick and Probes are an example of a thief's tools.
by Tempest March 19, 2004
A chain of full nude strip clubs in the USA, which does not serve alcohol, for 18 or older, a great place to hang out with friends and enjoy watching beautiful ladies dance around naked.
politicaly corrct name is a "Gentlemen's Club"
by Tempest February 28, 2005
Great rapper, cannot be compared to anyone else unsigned for this person is far too skilled...
Dibbz, best unsigned rapper alive...
by Tempest March 29, 2005
A Term used for Game players with amazing skill on XBOX.
Look It's Tempest, That guy kicks Ass on UC.
by Tempest September 21, 2003
E town is slang for the city of Edmonton (the city of champions). Edmonton is the capitol of Alberta Canada

other slang for idmonton is the EAC, The 780, the seven eighty, the city of champion, the city of champs
I represent E Town till i'm dead in the ground
by TempesT February 27, 2004
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