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An incredibly lazy human being with no skill set who gets through life by stealing the work of others and passing it off as their own. Though bandarlogs can come in all shapes and sizes, they tend to be bald, middle-aged men with stooped shoulders. Bandarlogs are drawn to IT professions, where they can attempt to confuse others by using technical jargon, usually incorrectly.
I asked the IT guy why my code wasn't running and the bandarlog replied that he would have to check the metadata before rebooting the server - what a POBAW!
by Tell_It_Like_It_Is September 28, 2007
Piece Of Fat Ass Work. Similar to a POBAW, but morbidly obese rather than bald. POFAWs also tend to be ginormous females with tattoos on their asses.
As I was getting off the elevator with Sam, she spotted an Executive across the hall and stampeded over me to get to him, breaking my hip and leaving a hoof mark on my neck. What a POFAW!!!
by Tell_It_Like_It_Is October 16, 2007
Piece Of Bald Ass Work
Dan stole my report that I worked all night on, turned it in as his own, and he's losing his hair, what a POBAW.
by Tell_It_Like_It_Is September 28, 2007
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