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When you are doing your girlfriend in the ass, before the man cums he holds it in and spits on his girlfriends back making her think he came, then when she turns around the man cums on her face and yells "Spiderman'd!!!"
Dude I was was fucking Cristy and totally Spiderman'd her!
by Teh_Nite_Guy May 08, 2006
A man who partakes in gay sex with other men.
Dude: That gay guys is a fuckin Anal Avenger.
Friend: Damn, I thought so.
by Teh_Nite_Guy May 08, 2006
What would j00 do? What gamers ask each other when they encounter a tough boss or area.
Dude i'm playing Kingdom Hearts and I just got to Ansem, w.w.j.d.?
by Teh_Nite_Guy May 08, 2006
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