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Somewhat like technogeek, a person who is obsessed with the latest technology, and everything techno-y, (music, clothing, etc), while still being able to straddle the line between nerd/geek and normal person, with a reasonalbe social life. They are also extremely adept at new technologies and are usually able to complete really complex technological things without becoming too unbalanced. Usually has a nostalgia for the 90's rave scene, even if they weren't involved in it.
Person A: You have a 4,500 gamerscore on xbox live, but youre still able to go out to see '300' with us on fri???
Person B: Yep
Person: Wow, you're such a technofreak!
by TehFutureIsNow March 17, 2007
This expression is used when a person has an amazing knowledge of random stuff. Variation of 'wicked awesome'. Yes, its very nerdy...
Person A: What was that band, you know, that released that song back in '98?
Person B: Ohh..., that was Marilyn Manson with 'the dope show'.
Person A: How did you know that??!! Man, you are wiki'd awesome!
by TehFutureIsNow March 17, 2007
Short for Friend Capitalization Point, this is the maximum amount of friends you can get on social networking sites such as Myspace and especially facebook, based through real life interactions.
Person A: I haven't gotten any new friend requests from people at my school on facebook lately...

Person B: You have like 100 friends on there! I think you've reached your friend cap...
by TehFutureIsNow March 26, 2007
A small civil-war era town in Fairfax County, originally known as Devereux Station in the 1800's. Many battles during the Civil War were fought near this town, such as in Bull Run. The town grew in both size and wealth dramatically in the late 1800's and early 1900's, due to increased tourism, and it's reputation as a Progressive Era town, housing the Ivakota Farm reform school. The town fell into disrepair during the Great Depression, and by the 1960's, had become nearly abandoned. As growth from Burke and Fairfax encroached on the region in the 1970s, laws were established permitting a minimum of 5 acres per home, prohibiting suburban growth in the town. The post-modern movement sought to preserve Northern Virginia's history, leading to revitalized interest in the town. As more and more wealthy residents moved in, home prices in the immediate area began to rise dramatically, and gentrification began in and around the town. In fact, through the 1970's, Clifton became known as a vacation spot for those escaping the stress of D.C., which can be seen in some of the era's homes, which resemble ski lodges. Throughout the 1980's and 1990's, the area surrounding the town became heavily built up, creating a whole new family atmosphere in the town, leading to the creation of events such as Clifton Day, The Clifton Homes Tour, the New Years Eve sleigh ride, The Clifton Car Show, and the Haunted Trail. In the 2000's, the town continued it's rise to become a popular tourist destination for those looking to take a step back to a Victorian-Era town with a history intertwined with the beginnings of Fairfax County. Clifton from it's inception to today is an great example of reinvigorated interest in our Nation's history, and the quintessential story of the small town.
Person A: Hey, are you heading down to Clifton, VA to sled at Frosty Meadows?

Person B: Yea, that one hill that almost crosses the frozen lake is amazing!
by TehFutureIsNow May 25, 2009

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