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A Maccaz Mc.Flurry with penises in them...
A penis McFlurry thanx!!!
by Tegs July 11, 2006
A sneakie is a photo you take of someone without them knowing.
Girl: I totally took a hilarious sneakie of Ann sleeping

Guy: Quick, take a sneakie of Dan doing that ridiculous dance
by tegs May 21, 2014
A creepie is a photo you take of someone you don't know
Girl: Ew, someone snapped a creepie of me on the bus!

Guy: I accidentally took a creepie when I was trying to take a picture of my friend.
by tegs May 20, 2014
A nick name for someone with fluffy nuts.
Johnny has a shower in the morning. He blow dries his pubes and looks down to see they are all fluffy.

"Oh no, it looks like I have a Nutty McFluffy today...Oh well, better get out the straightner!"
by Tegs September 01, 2006
1. A fuzzy penis.
2. An excalamtion.
3. Some one with a fuzzy penis.
1. I have a Penis McFuzz today.
2. *loud slam* Oh, PENIS MCFUZZ!!!
3. My, my you have a fuzzy penis. I shall call you Penis McFuzz from now on.
by Tegs August 31, 2006

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