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if two people don't like each other. they have a fight to settle it
Bill: i don't like your attitude
Bobby: Straightner?
Bill: Ye

Then they fight
by Ren1Gade October 11, 2009
A word meaning ' i challange though art too a fracas' 'though shall settle thy grudge'. in a chav or gangsta way.
Chav 1: Yo blud is you on dis hype ting , i hear u been gasin!
Chav 2:Blad i ent no gasin, like yo!
Chav 1:blad i hear u gas 24/7
Chav 2: i dont gas enit don , lets settle this with a straightner.
Chav 1: ok then bled Kings heath park 3:30 bled like hype ting , i iz gonna bang ya and jump ya ,and maybe even rape ya!
by Osama Binlarden November 15, 2010
A hair item wich prevents frizzi-ness or fro. They are relyed on by many people, but none more than judith. She has one big fro. SAVE THE FRO
hey, do you reckon judith has starightners?
by Colette February 24, 2004
Girl who is very physically atractive, so that the men who happen to be talking to her reach a state of arousal. Usually a 20 something girl.
when talking to a friend about a co-worker... "have you seen Clarissa in accounting? Man what a straightner !!"
by andomatic April 09, 2009
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