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When to many awesome things are combined causing a tear in the fabric of space/time and the subsequent annihilation of the known universe. Note: possible source for the "Big Bang"
Dude: "Watch this; I'm gonna paste a pic of Chuck Norris on this T. Rex having a lightsaber duel with LOL cat on top of a stealth bomber with the "your awesome" dog being the ref....."
Dudette: "NO!" as she pushes him away from the keyboard
Dudette: "You could have started an Awesomeocalypse!"
Dude: "Duuuudddeeee.....sorry.....to much awesomeness"
by TedDeadMan July 30, 2010
The premium paid for having the newest and most powerful computers and electronics
Dude: Nice computer, pretty tricked out
Nerd: Yeah, its got a 6x core overlclocked water cooled processer with 4 GPUs and a solid state drive. Gets me 3 more frames per second !
Dude: Whoa, how much that set you back
Nerd: Bout $7k
Dude: Dude...that is some serious Nerd Tax
by TedDeadMan June 30, 2010
Verb: to eat huge quantities of delicious food for the pure joy of eating

Commonly used by dieters and college students
Dieter 1: Hey, where are you going to take a vacation to this year?

Dieter 2: Thinkin bout a cruise

Dieter 1: Dude! You could so Eat Your Face Off at the sick buffets

Dieter 2: Rock on!
by TedDeadMan January 22, 2010
Having one's bowel movement pattern and schedule thrown into chaos, usually by some event or deviation from dietary patterns

Related to discombobulated
Traveller1: "Hey, wanna catch a bite before we board?"
Traveller2: "Sorry, this trip has got me all dicompoopulated, I missed my BM last night and here it comes"
Traveller1: "Overshare!"

Dormie1: "Awesome, they are serving that Queso dipped fried cheese sticks in food service again, lets hit it dude!"
Dormie2: "No way man, after the last time I was discompoopulated for 3 days; you know what its like to not take a dump for 3 days?"
by TedDeadMan August 08, 2011
Over Promise Under Deliver

A person that promises much but delivers little or nothing. Common among blowhard, player and douce bag types
Dude: "Hey, you going with Kev to the big game?"
Chick: "Naw, he is such an OPUD; if he says he is gonna get "killa seats" we will end up in the parking lot watching the jumbotron like last time.

Kid1: "Dude, that remote car rocks! Look at the sick tricks it does on the TV!"
Kid2: "Dude, all commercials are OPUDs, that stupid car probably can't even make it up the ramp without camera tricks"
by TedDeadMan August 12, 2010
A product that is much like another so as to be indistinguishable as far as value, features...etc.

A product lacking special features or abilities above its competitors. Usually mass produced crap from the usual sources of unimaginative designers and manufacturers.
Stop looking at all those MeToo Product knives and check out this kickin Leatherman Multitool; never know when you will need to pick your teeth, saw a log and fend off a bear all at the same time!
by TedDeadMan January 25, 2011
Bowel Movement Food: Food you eat to gut unplugged after getting stopped up. Normally high fiber or trigger foods for your bowels to do their business. Important part of the food pyramid for bingers of cheese, meat and bread....
Slacker: "Dude, after eating 2 lbs of cheese sticks dipped in queso I need some BoMF"
Slackerette:"Here's a fiber bar, ear of corn and a box of bran cereal"
Slacker: "Sweeeettt, my bowels will be movin to the groove in no time"
by TedDeadMan June 28, 2011
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