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the act of having sex, or fucking.
The reason I was grounded is because my mom caught me copulating on her bed with my girlfriend.
by Ted Lewis December 28, 2003
Chucky Cheese's is an establishment characterized by debauchery aimed to attract children who ask their parents to throw them birthday parties there.
I went to my nephew's birthday party last night. It was at fuckin' Chucky Cheese's.
by Ted Lewis December 28, 2003
a blogger is a frustrated writer who now types away every night in the hopes that some bored, fucked up sap on the internet will come across his/her penned jewel and become a loyal follower for ever, going to such lenghts as worshiping the blogger to submission.
I was bored, lonely and depresed and then I met my blogger!
by Ted Lewis December 28, 2003
relating to the act of copulating most commonly known as fucking or doing the deed.
The copulatory courtship consisted of flowers, expensive chocolate and three hoockers paid for the entire nights' stay.
by Ted Lewis December 28, 2003
has been used in attempts to describe to laypeople why they never win the lottery.
The lottery administrator made a deal with one of his relatives whom he chose at raondom so they can split the 10 mil. winning purse. Also see probability.
by Ted Lewis December 28, 2003
a person who no longer reads newpapers, magazines, or visits the reference section of the library but looks up all needed info on Google instead.
The last time I went to the library was 1997. I have been a Googler since.
by ted Lewis December 28, 2003
relating the act of procreating, namey causing human offprings to be composed in the womb of the famale via intervention of the male's copulatory probe insert.
For the first three years of her marriage, the act was purely copulatory.
by Ted Lewis December 28, 2003

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