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n. A hot frothy form of Diarrhea resembling cappuccino
After a long night of drinking and a 2am super beef, his colon exploded with Assaccino
by Techmasterflash May 14, 2007
Large, flat pancake-like titties, usually defined by a large space between the breasts.
Like the orangutans of Southeast Asia, women with orangutitties in Africa (also known as NGT's or National Geographic Titties) also have pancaked fun bags.
by Techmasterflash May 14, 2007
Apigmatism (not to be confused with astigmatism), is an optical defect in which vision is altered causing ugly, homely, overweight women to appear beautiful in the eye of the afflicted. Many liken this condition to Beer Goggles, however to suffer from this condition, one does not necessarily have to be drunk.
What do you mean she was good looking? You must have apigmatism! Go see an ophthalmologist.
by techmasterflash May 16, 2013

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