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2 definitions by Tbagger#1

When the act of raping presents itself in an opportunistic way.
Man, I was jogging a back woods trail the other day and this hot chick came along and I was like, dang, what a rapertunity.
by Tbagger#1 May 23, 2011
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Just like a Dutch Oven, however instead of simply farting under the sheets and covering up your lady's head to suffer, you shit or diarrhea in your drawers to make it unbearable under there. Be prepared to be single after this act, do laundry, and possibly buy a new mattress
"Last night, to break up with my lady in THE ultimate creative way, I French Crepe'd her. Not only did she vomit, but once I let her out from under the sheets she ran outside screaming bloody murder. It was epic."
by Tbagger#1 July 01, 2014
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