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Acronym meaning Electronic Display of Affection. Usually involves ditsy girls bragging on their FB status about how "wonderful" their boyfriend is or couples sending facebook gifts between each other.
Bro checking status updates in class on Valentine's Day: Dude Facebook sucks today, it's all a bunch of lame EDA's
by Tatstastic October 28, 2010
Being equally proficient at smoking with either hand
When he saw that the two joints would intersect at his spot in the circle, Hubert was thankful that his years of practice had made him ambismokestrous
by Tatstastic November 17, 2011
Two idiots who drive side by side because neither wants to nut up an pass the other. Usually at least one of them is texting
Look at these two bumper buddies. They're backing up traffic for a mile!
by Tatstastic July 21, 2012
A mispelling in a text message caused by word predicting programs such as T9.
Kid: Mom, you have to buy stock in anal. It's only going up the next 10 years.

Mom: What?!

Kid: Coal. Buy stock in coal. Sorry, T9ypo
by Tatstastic June 24, 2011
What you tell your friends you're doing over spring break to avoid the lame truth that you're masturbating, watching daytime TV, and eating your parents' food.
Yo Craig, are you going to Costa Rica with us this year?

And getting the clap from some Mexican chick? No thanks, I'll just be snoozin and boozin.
by Tatstastic March 04, 2012

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