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One who is never in class,
and is instead smoking chronic
at a mentor meeting.
usually with a student
by the name of Maida Cholakyan.
You stupid Asian! Stop smoking! You remind me of Lorilyn!
by Tater Tizzle December 02, 2006
Another 2 lettered word for a gangsta depressed Emo...
Frizz: Maida wants to buy the DaVincci Code
Tater Tizzle: Why the hell would she do that???
Frizz: Cuz people say it's a really good book
Tater Tizzle: Yeah, but you'd have to read it to know it's a good book
Frizz: Yeah...people do that...
Tater Tizzle: What?!?!?!? No way!
by Tater Tizzle June 17, 2006

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