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5 definitions by Tate Donavan

An unfortunate event or party in which the majority of the participants present are only that of the male gender.
The scene: Usually at your boy's party.
"Dawg, this is a mothafuckin' dickfest. Let's jet..."
by Tate Donavan November 14, 2003
adj. denoting level, quality, and state of fine hoes, skanks, and whores or hoes in an establishment. (essentially a combination of bangin'/sexy hoes and their corresponding level of hoishness.)
Hobangness: "Oh yeah! Her hobangness level is off the chain, Dawg!" Hobangness
by Tate Donavan November 24, 2003
n.- The opening at the lower end of the alimentary canal through which bits of corn are eliminated from the body.

aka: bung-hole
"To soothe my 'corn hole' after taking painful shits, I use Preparation H!"
by Tate Donavan November 14, 2003
Verb- to bust a nut(s) in a person's eyes -for sexual purpouses.
This biatch was surprised when I 'round rocked' her fat ass.
by Tate Donavan November 14, 2003
Person: Ho-bag name for Joey.
I saw that stripper 'Hoey' brought home from Platinum X last night. He said she liked his thumb in her corn hole while doin' her doggie style.
by Tate Donavan November 14, 2003