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A term used way back when by your Grandads barber refering to condoms.
Something for the weekend sir?
by tash April 24, 2003
noun(p)-plural form of computer mouse. uses new grammer rules for a new word.
My mouse broke. Do you have any extra mouses I could borrow?
by Tash October 03, 2003
originated as a subtle means to express feelings of awkwardness / frustration / hopelessness / annoyance / other miscellaneous bad feelings.

First recorded usage: Ilford, Essex.

Generally accepted pronunciation: mur
"Mrgh... I can't find my keys'

"Jodie was very mrgh the other day" - she was acting funny / in a bad mood
by tash April 30, 2003
crusty punk, that does not take shower, often lives under bridges, walks the streets while piercing various body parts because they "like the attention".
My ex-boyfriend.
"Why can't I get a job?!?!"
Maybe it's because you smell like onions.
by Tash October 28, 2004
Usually Welsh or from New Zealand. Although can be found in rural areas throughout the world.
by tash April 24, 2003
Another name for Charleston S.C.
I live in Charlietown an ya kno dat
by tash January 14, 2004
coolest guy on the planet who pwns tash all day with a penis the size of elephants
> tash
by tash August 26, 2003
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