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8 definitions by Tango

Nip Nip Emergence (n)

Nip Nip Emergence is what happens when a woman gets cold and/or wet and/or has a bad bra.

Nip Nip, as in nipples, and emergence as in a combination of emergency and emerging.
1. Person 1: Dude! Is this a good bra or a bad bra?
Person 2: Bad bra! You have some nip nip emergence going on!

2. Person 1: Damn! I'm soaked and freezing!
Person 2: Yeah, I could tell by the nip nip emergence.
by Tango December 10, 2004
13 5
Occurs when one (usually male) aims for the brown stains left from a previous user in a public restroom, in order to avoid misplaced blame for having made them.
Bro, I totally had to pressure wash the porcelain in that bathroom. There was a hottie waiting in line behind me.
by TANGO December 12, 2012
2 0
complete numpty, also known as an intelligent article
oh matt, you numpty
by Tango January 23, 2004
1 0
A person who just doesn't really fit into the conversation, some bizzare comment is made totally irrelevant to the subject
"You cheesy numpty"
by Tango January 22, 2004
6 10
To kill someone by wrapping a chain around the back of their neck and pulling it, thus snapping their neck and kiling them.
1. Don't use chatspeak. It makes me want to scrag you.
2. I scrag n00bs.
3. Just seeing her makes me want to scrag myself.
by Tango December 04, 2004
11 18
Bubblegum Glam: A type of fashion sometimes referred to as "sugar-punk". Usually involves bright colors such as baby blue and pink, consisting of intricate designs and layers. Often including lace, ribbons, and striped toe-socks.
The next big teen trend is bubblegum glam
by Tango March 28, 2005
26 47
A name for a dog that is bigger than 140lbs and prances around like a flaming homo. This was first seen at 513 in tempe arizona.
Dude is your great dane mean a lambchop or what he just prances around smelling the flowers.
by Tango October 08, 2004
11 35