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A factor that must never be forgotten during a public robbery. This is when a bystander, clerk, or other person tries to be a hero by pulling a knife, gun, or any other way of attacking the robber. The robber must never underestimate the hero factor, which could be deadly.
Are you kidding me!? You want to rob a GYM!? Don't forget the hero factor, my friend.
by TangClock August 22, 2009
A slang term for a head ache.
Huey ate shit on that rail a few minutes ago, and just popped five Tylenol. He must have a pretty groggin' noggin.
by TangClock February 25, 2009
When at a buffet, when one finishes their plate, they sometimes have the kindness to wait for their fellow food pounding comrades to finish their plates as well. This begins halftime. When all are finished and ready for round 2 (or more), they all get up together and refill their plates. Gameplay resumes.
Guy #1: "Alright, I'm done of my plate."
Guy #2: "Aww man, I'm still not done of mine!"
Guy #1: "That's OK. I'll wait for you. Its halftime."
*pause until eating finishes*
Guy #1: "Alright then, are you ready?"
Guy #2: "Damn straight! Game on!"
by TangClock June 17, 2009
The ginger, and/or daywalker, equivalent of of the five o'clock shadow. Instead of darkening the skin like it's brown or black counterpart, the five o'clock flair in fact lightens the skin, or renders it reddish/orangish.
Male (to daywalking friend): You've got quite the five o'clock shadow going on.

Daywalker (to male friend): Don't you mean five o'clock flair?
by TangClock April 16, 2009
Something of such low quality, of such minisquel value, that it might in fact be the least significant item in the universe.
I bought a brand new Rolex Daytona online. I paid $5,000 for it. When I got it in the mail, I opened the box, and it turned out to be a turd of shit. I hate myself.
by TangClock July 29, 2009
An a capella or with accompaniment of household guitars, drums, harmonicas, etc... which is created spontaneously during impairment of THC (works best if it really is a bong) being consumed. These songs often feature knee slapping, foot stomping, air guitar playing, sound effects, or any other form of simple music. During these songs most people imagine the thought through your mind that you will one day be famous for creating such strange and beautiful music, but never say anything out loud.
"Hey Adam," screams Jeff. "We just wrote a new 32 minute bong song!" Adam gestures his hand as a billboard sign. "We call it... erm...heu he he....... 'Bong Song'...heuheh.." explained Adam, slowly becoming confused.
by TangClock July 26, 2009
The original skin pigment of Caucasians. In the winter in cold areas of the world, it is required to bundle up in clothing to keep warm and are further away from the sun all season, thus less tanning. After prolonged periods of time away from the sun's rays, the skin returns to it's original color; Winter White.
Person 1: "Wow! Your tan is so even! How do you do it?"
Person 2: "What are you talking about? I haven't been tanning. It's February! This is my winter white."
by TangClock July 26, 2009

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