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A name given to one who is 100% incapable of starting a campfire without the use of gasoline or any other highly flammable item other than wood.
Get out of the way, man. Let me get this fire going. I'm pretty sure you're flame retarded.
by TangClock July 12, 2009
Someone who is very pale because during the summer months, they spend all of their time inside, usually in front of a television or computer monitor instead of enjoying themselves in the sun like everyone else. Everyone else darkens out in the sun, while said insider will stay pale because their only form of light is from a screen.
I cant believe Mike won't come to the beach with us! He said he'd rather stay at home and work on his monitor tan. What a loser.
by TangClock August 18, 2009
Alternate word for braces. The male genitalia's worst enemy.
Amy got a brand new pair of Black and Decker Pecker Wreckers. I'd keep that mouth away from your package if I were you.
by TangClock July 22, 2009
When someone is buried in sand vertically up to his or her neck at low tide, and left for the tide to come in. And old technique said to be used by pirates.
"Yarr! When we reach land, your getting a sand necktie! Yarr!"
by TangClock May 14, 2009
Verb. To apply a cold can (usually of beer) to the back of the neck of someone else.
Damnit Bill! I told you to stop cold canning me!
by TangClock July 22, 2009
A nickname, or rather synonym for the first name "Spencer". Sometimes shortened to Spanks. To be used to anyone going by said name. No exceptions.
Paul: "Oh, hey Spencer."
Spencer: "Don't you mean 'Spanky'?"
Paul: "My bad. Hey Spanky."
by TangClock April 18, 2009
Somebody who cuts in front of your line while snowboarding/skateboarding/etc. The biggest asshole in the world.
While riding up to the second table, Jimmy is cut off by the slowest skier in the world, who's idea for fun is to ride off the lip of table tops and land several milliseconds later, only to fall several feet from the knuckle and slow down the entire group which are waiting to hit it. He is displeased so he catches up to the skiing fag, pushes him over, and screams
"Fuck you! You little snaker twat!"
by TangClock February 23, 2009
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