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4 definitions by Taiyal

Circle-blade wielding character from Soul Calibur III. Has a unique attack style and cool combos.
My favorite character in Soul Calibur III is Tira.
by Taiyal October 17, 2006
The state of being filled or abundant with lint, as a dryer lint trap or one's navel. Other things could, conceivably, also attain the quality of being, literally or figuratively, "lintastic".
Tai: Ohhh! No-one ever cleans out the dorm dryers except me!
Person 2: It's lintastic.
Tai: That it is.
by Taiyal October 17, 2006
Something which is so old that is is only suseful as an item of nostalgia, as a computer, operating system, car, etc.
Hey, czech out my oldtastic computer! I can almost use KDE! Let's see how many different oldtastic versions of Windows I can install on it!
by Taiyal October 17, 2006
Professional Bull Riding, one of the most redneck sports/TV shows ever.
PBR? Yeeeehaw!!

I'll go watch PBR while drinking PBR.
by Taiyal August 26, 2005