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A burrito for Chinese people.
Can symbolize a big fat Egg Roll which is rolled up like a burrito.
Hey Kent, let's go to Acupulco and order a Chinito Burrito.

Hey Reyna, did you see that chinito burrito when we had for dimsum last weekend?
by tadowta July 05, 2006
What The Fuck You Want Bitch
Yo Udi, wtfywb? stop calling me.
by tadowta July 02, 2006
A distinctive sound and name calling for little cute baby girls. The "goo goo" is derived from "goochie goochie goochie" while the "mei" is little girl in mandarin.
Goo Goo Mei, how are you doing today?
Goo Goo Mei, how was your sleep cutie pie?
by Tadowta April 30, 2007
A term used when you clown or diss an asian in any sorta way.
Tony just got a chink slap at the clubs last night.

Damn foo, did Karry just get chink slapped by that hoochie?
by Tadowta April 04, 2006
Describes any FOB that is not into fashion or not down to earth. Also, the FOB does things in such a manner that it seems like they are still in their own country.
Dude, why you wearing socks with animals on it? That is so Ghetto FOBULOUS.

That Hong Kong bitch Judy was alright, but the way she moans was Ghetto FOBULOUS.
by tadowta July 01, 2006
A person that is so skinny, you can almost see the bones on his/her body.
A person resembling a toothpick or a chopstick.
Damn Kingwai, eat some food so that you ain't a skinny bones jones.

That faggot Karry likes girls like that. Small, petite, and a figure like skinny bones jones.
by tadowta June 20, 2006
Another way to spell pussy.
Tony is such a lil pooo C
by Tadowta April 03, 2006

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