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Talking forever and no one really pays attention to it.
When someone talks and talks and your like, yeah yeah, are you done yet?
Damn, that motha fucka KingWai was yapping like there is no tomorrow.
by tadowta June 20, 2006
Super annoying.
To a point that it can cause anger.
HangYee just irks the fuck out of me.
by Tadowta November 16, 2005
Fuck your mother in Vietmese
Yo Mama in Vietnamese.
The "DOH" is pronounce with a high accent emphasis on the ending. So it sounds more like DoooooooHHHH Mah!

"FUCK" - A very popular curse word amongst the Vietnamese Community in times of anger.
Yo Henry, Doh Mah.

Doh Mah! He got lucky with that poker hand.
by tadowta June 20, 2006
A derogatory slang that people call a friend that is gay.
It derives from combining the word nigga and gay.
Hey have you talk to Karry lately?
Nah, I don't know what that niggay has been up to.
by tadowta October 12, 2005
The words that sound like gun shots ringing from a Drive By.
A phrase that someone says to put some fright on an enemy.
Hey Tadowta, let's hit up that Hoe Teddy's trick pad and do a Rat Tat Tat on his ass.

Let's roll into IngleHood and do a Rat Tat Tat on some squirrels.
by tadowta July 08, 2006
Another way of saying explicity: "OF COURSE!"
Yo yo, that chink Edric can ball huh?
Fo shizzy nigga!
by Tadowta January 01, 2006
A burrito for Chinese people.
Can symbolize a big fat Egg Roll which is rolled up like a burrito.
Hey Kent, let's go to Acupulco and order a Chinito Burrito.

Hey Reyna, did you see that chinito burrito when we had for dimsum last weekend?
by tadowta July 05, 2006

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