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A word to describe an unborn female baby in the first to third trimester.
Jumba, daddy luvs you.
How are you doing jumba?
by Tadowta January 03, 2006
1) adjective: thoroughly and usually unbelievably awesome; the embodiment of all that rocks worlds.

2) adverb: an expression of affirmation, used in the same way as word.

3) interjection: used to express pleasure, delight or amazement, often at something gloriously magnificent.
Jake: Last night when we were playing Rock Band I totally got a perfect on every single guitar solo I played, and I was even playing on expert. It was so jumba, dode. I totally rolled that shit in style.

Alice: Dude, friggin' jumba! You've been practicing it a lot, yeah?

Jake: Jumba, bro.
by Doctor Tronik May 23, 2010
1) verb (transitive or intransitive): to sing along with a song (with the words or music) using the word "jumba."
Jake: "When the pimp's in the crib ma,

jumba like it's hot, jumba like it's hot, jumba like it's hot,

when the pigs try to jumba you

jumba like it's hot, jumba like it's hot, jumba like it's hot,

and if a jumba get an attitude

jumba like it's hot, jumba like it's hot, jumba like it's hot.

I got the jumba on my arm and I jumba Chandon

and I jumba jumba jumba jumba jumba jumba jumba."

Alice: "Way to jumba that song, loc."

Jake: "I love to jumba, dode."
by Doctor Tronik May 23, 2010
A person with a voracious appetite.
He had 1.5 cheese burst pizza, 1 ltr coke, 500gm of curd, 7 rotis, 1 glass of lassi, 200 ml slice and was still hungry. Seriously, what a Jumba!!!
by suyashkmr December 21, 2011
lazy mother fucker,who eats chips all day long.
he is a fucking jumba
by The_duke January 22, 2015
ben and bobby and hunter ate food
they ate there jumba
by d@nielman October 28, 2008
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