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Krondon is an underground rapper from South Central California. He is part of the Strong Arm Steady gang. A rap Supergroup composed of Krondon, Mitchy Slick, Phil Da Agony, and Xzibit, who left the group in 2003.

Krondon is commonly mistaken for a white-bread honkey because he is a albino. However, he was born from 2 black parents.
"What the fuck that whiteboy doin' up here in Compton hommie?"

"Nigga, thats Krondon!"
by TabarnaKalisse June 25, 2008
Phil Da Agony is a rapper from Los Angeles born as Jason Smith. He has been rapping since '95 and is known to have an original tight flow like you dont know.

Phil Da Agony is part of many supergroups, such as Barbershop MC's, the Likwit Crew, Strong Arm Steady and Dilated Peoples.
Shit, with a flow like that, it must be phil da agony on the mic!
by TabarnaKalisse June 25, 2008
Ottawa's richest neighbourhood. Home of Canada's Prime Minister. Many houses reaching over $10,000,000 in value. Many cokehead teens grow up here and end up going to Princeton afterwards.
Look at that kid, fuckin rockcliffe kid going hard off his dad's earnings.
by TabarnaKalisse September 30, 2009
The receiver in the sexual position of heelgrabbing
She was the heel grabber as i repeatedly throtled my hard cock in her deep, warm throat, as she gagged and spewed.
by TabarnaKalisse June 25, 2008
A girl that absolutely refuses to do anal, now matter how much she'd like it.
Guy #1: So, You tapp that hoe from last night?
Guy #2: Yeah! All night long!
Guy #1: Bitch looked like she was into kinky shit? Assfuck her bro?
Guy #2: Nah, when I tried to go to browntown she freaked out! What an icebutt, waste of my load.
by Tabarnakalisse October 13, 2009
When one either spits, cums, or pours liquid into a girls asshole and gets the girl to fart, creating bubbles!
Nothing turns me on more than cumming in a girls gaping asshole then watching her make ass bubbles with it.
by TabarnaKalisse September 30, 2009

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