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nigger: an ignorant person
nigga: a black person
example of nigger:
teacher: timmy can u answer 532 X 628?
timmy: git the fuck off my nutz dog i cant answer that shit u stupid ass bitch.

example of nigga:
Teacher: Rashad, can you answer 532 X 628?
Rashad: cum on dog i cant do dat. cant no one do dat i need a calculater

by TaMichael November 09, 2006
a very very very lame way of sayin "yo momma"
Boy: ur gay!!
girl: yo bird.
boy: who tha hell says that? i mean wat the hell is that sposed 2 mean anyway?
girl: its another way of sayin yo momma.
boy: then y the hell dident u just say yo momma :|...
girl: ...iono because im a follower n not a leader and i do wat the masses do... *runs and crys*
by TaMichael November 09, 2006

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