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3 definitions by TYRESE

VTN is both a Docotor of Medicine but behind the scenes a moderetly known West Coast Rapper.
"VTN follows in the Rhymes and Times of TUPAC"
"VTN is medical Cardio Genuis"
by Tyrese April 03, 2003
Is that lil vikibee who wants to hold da wonicles close to his chest and keep her warm and hug her 4 eva. And make her feel safe and happy.
"AWWWWWWWWW my lil roni bear"
by TYRESE April 05, 2003
Rae: ok good, you had me worried for a spec
OuterHeaven: how long exactly is a spec?
Rae: between a sec and the amount of time it takes to give some one a peck on the cheek
OuterHeaven: ah
Back in a spec, frauline.
by Tyrese April 03, 2004