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A female with a nice body and an ugly ass face.
Sonic: Not the only place with Brown Bag Speicals.
by TSMason May 12, 2003
Early 90's version of fag.
Stop being a gay wad.
by TSMason April 01, 2004
Alternately titled "Toxic Hell." This is a resteraunt chain in which you get "just add hot water" food, and end up feeling like you just ate all of the radioactive waste from any Nuclear Plant in the world. The food is so biologically fucked up that it makes little annoying ankle-biting dogs talk.
I went to Taco Bell and damn do I feel polluted.
by TSMason May 12, 2003
Obviously it means, in lamer terms, "FUCK u" as show by the following conversation.
<Deity87> big sugar ur a complete asssholw
<@{Big_Sugar}> please define asssholw for me
<@{Big_Sugar}> i'm curious to know
<Deity87> FUCK u
by TSMason May 17, 2003
girl with nice body, and ugly face

synonym: brown bag special
She's a butterface.
by TSMason May 15, 2003

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