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A female with a nice body and an ugly ass face.
Sonic: Not the only place with Brown Bag Speicals.
by TSMason May 12, 2003
when someone(male/female) has a bangin body but they face look like they need a brown bag over it
"damn.... he/she is a brown-bag special i'll he/or she wit tha lights off"
#bbs #brown-bag body #bbb #bagin #sonic
by honeydipin October 05, 2006
Another meaning of Butter Face. When you would doa chik only if she had a paper bag over her face.
"I would only bang her if it was a brown bag special!"
#borwn #bga #brown #bag #special #spicial #speical
by ballin_collin February 18, 2008
Brown bag special (noun): when you wanna get it in with an ugly bitch and you don't have very much money for a date. You take her to sonic and order a 'brown bag special', a meal for two. Then later when you're plowing her in her stinky fat cunt you can discretely hide her face with the brown bag.
Yeah I wanted to hop in this ugly bitch's badoonkadonk last night n I was niggerbroke so we went to sonic. BROWN BAG SPECIAL!!
#butterface #america's drive-in #badonkadonk #badonkadoonk #badoinkadink #badingydong #glenn beck
by shinyjester February 18, 2011
When a man poops on a girl's forehead then t-bags her causing his balls to turn brown.
"I had to wash my ballsac after giving Jenny the brownbag special last night."
#balls #teabag #t-bag #poop #shit
by Austindiesel December 11, 2008
When someone shits the bed and rolls around in it. They then deny that they did it, but everyone knows who done it. His name was Kyle Davis. His name was Kyle Davis.
Kyle Davis took a shit in the bed and rolled around in it to create a brown-bag special!
#brown #bag #special #shit #bed
by Setherd June 18, 2009
When one fists another with brass knuckles using diarhea as lubricant.
Bro last night I gave this chick a brown bag special.
#fist #ass #brown #bag #special
by moofd April 23, 2011
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